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* Only Effective & Efficient Expert Tutoring

* Brief Progress Report After Every Tutoring Session 
The truth is, every student is different, especially when it comes to learning and getting good grades. Many times, a student simply needs the right guidance, assistance and help to further them along their educational journey. This is where Apprentice Education thrives.
Here at Apprentice Education, our expert tutors who not only love what they do, but they are super passionate about helping struggling students succeed. No matter if it’s reading, math, history, chemistry, and SAT, we’re ready and fully prepared to help. Try out one session, it's 100% risk free! 
"My daughter wished that she had met your tutors earlier, I guess that says a lot about Apprentice Education."                   
- Nick, Parent

"I owe you a big thanks! If AE could help me get straight A's at Paly, I think you guys can help anyone from anywhere to get an A!" 
- Fang, Student