Apprentice Aspirations Program

Yes! It's One-of-a-Kind!

How are our programs different?

“Experience is the best teacher, that's what I've always believed in.” - Founder of Apprentice Education, John Ma.

When away from parents, children become more independent while, at the same time, gaining team spirit. There are many great benefits to having children be part of a quality outdoor program. In addition, Mr. Ma wants his children to have the following takeaways:

* Developing an appreciative heart (starting with appreciating their parents)

* Gaining confidence by coping with setbacks

* Focusing on being a positive influence in the world

* Experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime

* Experiencing a unique, quality camp that can build your resume

* We do NOT outsource our students or programs. We are with you all the way!

"This is truly an experience of a lifetime." – Judy, Student​​
How AAP started...

After having been in the education industry for two decades, John Ma, the Founder of this educating program, has personally been guiding students in both their academic and personal endeavors. Throughout the years of the soaring tech, students are becoming more indulgent in the virtual world, and the top-tier colleges are becoming more competitive in search of applicants who can prove themselves otherwise.
In the year 2011, Mr. Ma. Came up with an idea of personally taking students to different parts of California in search of unique extracurricular experience. Due to the spread of information, more parents have suggested that Apprentice Education take kids outside the country and bring back not only the one-of-a-kind activity profile that is highly valued by top-tier colleges but also confidence and a grateful heart. This is where our inspirational adventure begins.
"The trip has reminded me of the importance of family and togetherness. I've always appreciated what my parents have done for me, but I took it for granted... I should really be more thankful for what I have." – Aaron, Student

Silk Road Humanities Program

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Trip for Adventurous Students

Scorching desert, boundaryless steppe, and the rich history of Silk Road have drawn people to Xinjiang (China) for centuries. Bordering eight countries, this region of the world’s extremes in Central Asia is ethnically and culturally diversified and offers an unmatched experience for students who are interested in the study of humanities.   

Students will be helping out in the local charity organizations, engaging in Islamic daily life, enjoying the exotic cuisines, riding camels in the desert, visiting point of interests and much more. Due to the region’s uniqueness, remoteness, inaccessibility, and as well as the benevolent nature of the volunteering, students are sure to have an extraordinary experience to brag about.

Dates: 7/27 ~ 8/10/2019*
"I want to thank my parents and Apprentice Education, especially John Ma. Thank you for taking us on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t. Thank you for your hard work and dedication. There is just so much I want to say." – Angela, Student​​

High Mountain Tea Entrepreneurship Program

A First-hand Business Experience on Tea Plantations

Besides coffee, the biggest success story in the beverage market in the past decade has been the booming Bubble Tea. The Tea originated in Taiwan, and its aromatic tea comes from the island’s high mountains of Alishan. Students interested in the study of business will have the opportunity to participate in growing, harvesting, and drying the tea, etc. They will research on the business aspects and potential of the tea and work on signature projects with our experienced educators.

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy the awe-inspiring scenery of the high mountains and diverse nature views. We will also join the aboriginal festivals and learn about their heritage through hands-on activities. A destination all its own, and let’s not forget Taiwan has some of the globally-known street food, which also promises to add delight to the experience.  

Dates: 6/29 ~ 7/13/2019*
"I want to have a career in business, and I think this is a great opportunity to study, learn and lay my hands on something that my friends and I love: boba tea. Our team worked with the locals and strategized on promoting the tea to Africa, it was fun and meaningful." – Vicky, Student

Medical Occupational Internship Program

Be an Apprentice to a Real Doctor at a Real Hospital

This high-end program is designed to prepare students for a career in medicine through actual medical research and experiential hands-on opportunities under the guidance of a medical group based in California. Conducting medical research is critical to be admitted to top medical schools and shadowing real physicians at work is an essential indicator of students’ passion in the field of medicine – both are not taught in class.

Students will work on doctor-led projects in a hospital in China. During stuents’ leisure time, they will be taken on unforgettable tours to points of interest. This great opportunity is uncommon, and the internship is highly valued. Interested students are to send in their application first inother to enjoy this once in a lifetime opportunity. 

Dates: 6/8 ~ 6/21/2019*
"Having an American doctor mentor me in a real hospital overseas is an awesome experience that I can boast on my resume." – Chen, Student


Make an Impression, Make a Difference

Passion-driven Education and Programs

Localization Training

Highly-Experienced Educators and Leaders

24-Hour Supervised Environments

Exotic Foods and Secure Lodging

Small Groups with Individualized Attention

Clean Dorms/Hotels with Access to Wi-Fi
Safe and Reliable Local Network

Travel Insurance

Keeping Parents Informed Daily

Uniforms and Other Supplies (Included)

Unique Extracurricular Activity with Volunteer or Internship Hours (Certificate Upon Completion)

​* Dates subject to change

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Our Camps have come a long way...

2011 - touring Apple HQ

2011 - experiencing wine-making

2012 - studying marine animals

2012 - observing wild elephant seals

2013 - observing wild life at the National Seashore

2013 - researching at Angel Island Immigration Station

2014 - researching at Seymour Marine Discovery Center

2014 - nature ride on the steam train

2014 - enjoying family time together

2015 - hiking on mountain trails

2015 - cruising on the steamboat on Sacramento River

2015 - volunteering in City Hall

2015 - whalewatching for marine studies

2016 - crabbing competition

2016 - visiting Hearst Castle

2016 - celebrating the 4th of July

2016 - participating in talent shows

2017 - travelling to Universal Studio

2017 - exploring USS Hornet

2017 - camping near the historic Fort Ross

2017 - working in the watermelon farm