Academic Consulting for 8th~12th Grade Students

Care, expertise, and experience count!

​​Academic Consulting & Excellence (ACE) Program
We offer yearlong personalized academic consulting that streamlines the needs of students and guides them toward achieving their academic goals over time. During college application season, our educational experts help students apply to the most prestigious universities in the country and guide them towards a broader understanding of both their community and the world. Our consultants are highly efficient in evaluating educational plans and guiding students in selecting subjects that are in line with their personal desires and current professional trends. 

The followings are some of things that our experts will assist you with:

* Face-to-face meetings and discussions that are done on a one-on-one basis and hand-in-hand
* Reviewing and assessing academic progress
* Choosing courses and extracurricular activities
* Choosing and planning for standardized tests
* Discovering student's interests and strengths (as well as weaknesses and provide guidance on how to improve or avoid them)
* Planning and arranging student's summer plans
* Inspiring and matching student's passions with appropriate school selections
* Personalized guidance throughout the entire college application process
* Broadening student's horizon and advising about what is in the best interest of the student's academic endeavors, as well as personal growth 
and much more...

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