Not catching up with your school work? We can help!

Homework Helper Program

Covering English, Math, Science, and Social Studies in small group settings 

San Mateo Center: Mon, Wed 4PM ~ 6PM
Spring starting on Jan 15, 2018

San Jose Center: Tue, Thu 4PM ~ 6PM
Spring starting on Jan 4, 2018

​​Sometimes assignments can be overwhelming, particularly when teachers have a limited amount of time to assist students. Our teams of educators are experienced in providing homework tutoring for elementary and junior high school students.This after-school program is especially made for 1st ~ 8th grade students requiring extra help with their homework. Our team of educators will take the time to find out if students actually understand material and can work through it on their own rather than encouraging fact and process memorization. We are here to share parents' burden of monitoring and helping students stay on task by building confidence and inspiring passion in them.

If it's a class, how is it different from my school class?

Most classes in schools have more than 25 students per class. With one teacher having to face so many students and cover new topics everyday in fast-paced manner, most students won't get enough attention to really comprehend the subject matter. In average we have 3 ~ 6 students per instructor who is well-trained to help you tackle your homework problems. Better yet, this will better prepare you for the exams and improve your grades.

What's the Homework Help class like?

We have experienced teachers who are familiar with your school work. They are ready to help you covering what you didn't understand in the class. Our teachers have the expertise in teaching your school subjects and will give you enough attention to help you finish and understand your homework.


How good are your teachers and tutors?

Our instructors are recruited based on their knowledge, experience, and skills to relate to the students. Some are current school instructors while others are currently working in the field which they are coaching. We use the standards of the teachers’ experience in subject field and their competence to broaden students’ horizon.

Any questions?