Together with Passion! Be Our Apprentice!

"Helping students to excel takes more than skills, it's an attitude."
- Apprentice Education Founder, John Ma

Our Service Overview
All roads lead to Rome, but not all roads lead to your academic goals or even dream colleges. Below is a list of our programs and brief introductions on how they can help you. Click on any program to see the details.

7th~12th graders. One-of-a-kind 2-week summer camp at Urumqi (China) in Central Asia. 
A very unique educational and cultural exchange extracurricular activity.

1st~12th graders. Individualized teaching that's tailored to student's academic needs.
Proven and the most effective way to improve grades and test scores.

Group Tutoring

1st~11th graders. After school/summer group tutoring sessions focusing with a choice of structured and customized curriculum.
Low student-teacher ratio, an efficient and cost effective way to stay on top of academics.

8th ~12th graders. Customized planning, counseling, and summer arrangements.
Best for those who need an inspiring mentor and an advisor throughout the school year in an apprenticeship manner.

"Success is where preparation and opportunity meet."
 - Bobby Unser