Summer is here! Check out our awesome summer tutoring!

Our summer tutoring offers an engaging and enriching academic environment for students who wish to improve on English, Math, and communication skills. In addition, we provide fun, creative hands-on elective programs in afternoon. In small groups, our highly experienced instructors, along with the cutting-edge curriculum, will make the summer learning time challenging yet fun! See the summer schedule below.

San Mateo Summer Schedule
San Jose Summer Schedule

How are you different from some other education centers?

Some education centers leave students working independently while others just keep the place entertaining like daycare. We pride ourselves in providing a very low student-teacher ratio and giving enough attention to each student. Moreover, we are academically driven and we track students’ learning  progress. You have a choice to enroll in a 2-hour session or sessions that can take half a day or even a whole day. Since the classes are enrolled on weekly basis, there is no obligation if you happen to change your mind. We will passionately teach those who are enthusiastic to learn.

What happens if I can't drop off or pick up my kid on time?
You are welcome to drop off or pick up your child within our summer office hours; usually there is a 30 minute cushion before and after the class. While we are flexible in supervising our students during non-class hours, we do not recommend parents leaving them here with us for more than an hour if they are not engaging in the class.


How good are your teachers and tutors?

Our instructors are recruited based on their knowledge, experience, and skills to relate to the students. Some are current school instructors while others are currently working in the field which they are coaching. We use the standards of the teachers’ experience in subject field and their competence to broaden students’ horizon.

Any questions?